This one meditation technique has changed my mind

I'm big on meditation. It hasn't always been this way, but these days meditation matters deeply to me. It matters because it's important to me to maintain a balance in my mind and my spirit.

I'm a chaotic person. I'm a person who is always in motion, always running from one big idea to the next, always working, always running even when I can walk. That chaos lives inside me constantly. That chaos gives me zero to no room to breathe, if I don't manage it.

When I was younger, "managing" it happened through drinking to quiet my mind, self destructing as a distraction mechanism. When I was younger, I had little control over the way I felt, and the way I reacted, and the way my moods would swing back and forth between happiness and loneliness.

I'm not like that anymore. There's one single technique I use now that has totally changed that for me. There's one single technique that works absolute wonders for me - and it might not do jack shit for you, but I want you to at least try it. 

I visualise a room, filled with boxes.

Every single box represents a commitment, a project, a business idea, a worry, a responsibility, a stress point that is running me into the ground.

At the end of every single day, I sort my worries and my thoughts and I visualise myself standing in that room, placing everything into the box where it belongs. I slam the lid shut, and I lock it. When every box is full, when every box is closed, I leave that room, lock the door, and hang the key around my neck.

And that's it.

It's incredibly simple, sure. There's nothing big and world changing about this. It has one single purpose, which is to clear my mind and stop me from thinking about the same stuff, over and over again, fretting and panicking. It's to put some distance and space between me and the things that I need to do and accomplish.

For me, managing my head is the biggest challenge, but visualising a way to shut down my brain from time to time has had a massive impact.