Kicking off Creatomic membership. The right way.

I care a lot about the readers I have. Largely because I've spent years slowly building up an audience of people who are interested in what I have to say. That's been an amazing ride, and I wouldn't have missed it - or done anything else over the past couple years - for all the world. To me, this new membership only publication is just an extension of that.  

It's an opportunity to get a little closer to me and what I do, to support my mission, and to read the raw, no filter content that can sometimes get a little lost when I'm publishing for a wider audience. So I want to thank you for jumping on, putting your hand up and choosing to support Creatomic in this way. 

Here's how this is going to be working.  

The regular content will still go live on every single day. But every afternoon, a new and exclusive post will be featured on the membership only site and nowhere else. It will be more of the content that you love, with no bells and whistles - just great writing (I hope) and great ideas (I promise).  

Every Friday, a weekly report post will go live, and that will be specifically about running an online business based on content, running the business that I believe in, and the actionable tips and information I've learned that you can put to use in your own business.  

Starting next week, every Friday there'll be a live Q&A session for the community, where people can jump on and ask anything, and talk about business, creativity and living independently. I'm particularly excited for that, as I see it being a great chance to connect with each and every one of you.  

There will also be a Slack community. 

That's going to go live the week after next. I'll be on it every single day, ready to chat to folks, talk about what you're working on and going through and encourage community discussion around Creatomic, entrepreneurship, self-improvement and being who you are meant to be. I want this community to be bold, encouraging, nurturing, and fucking fun. So let's make sure it is.  

The first members only post goes live this afternoon. Thank you!