The Notebook I Use To Combat Depression In My Life

Creative people suffer depression. Entrepreneurs suffer depression. We don't like talking about it, because who does? Who wants to seem vulnerable, and open, and who wants to show their deepest selves?

But the thing is, the more we hide it, the more we make it seem unacceptable for ourselves and others to feel it. To experience it. To struggle with it. 

I like to be extremely open about my own struggle. I suffer depression, and I have for a great many years. Yet, I'm happier and steadier now than I've ever been.

A huge part of that has been using a notebook to track my moods, my triggers and my experiences. I write in it every single day, almost every single hour. I make a note of what my emotional status is, and what has contributed to it.

If I don't know what's made me feel a certain way, I take note of everything I've done, or everything I've gone through since I last wrote, and I try to find causation through correlation. It's not a perfect system, and yes - it fails from time to time.

But it's the way I've been able to get on top of my mood swings and my down moments. It helps me to recognise where externalities are affecting me and guard against them, while also avoiding feeling like I'm betraying myself or failing just because I feel something. 

You know, I don't think that emotion is a dirty word. I've said that a lot. I think that there's something inherently wrong with assuming that only positive emotions are good and all other emotions are bad. 

So I don't advocate trying to cut any emotions out of your life completely. Sometimes, sorrow and sadness can play a huge part in creativity, in our choices, in the things that make us who we are. The trick is to find a way to manage that, to find balance wherever possible.