What's This All About?

One of the biggest commitments I've made is to always keep the Creatomic Medium publication and all my Medium content free. That's a promise that is important to me, because I believe in that content more than anything else I have ever built, created or crafted. 

What I'm equally excited about though is building a new publication that is funded by my audience, free of advertising, free of sponsorship and full of the good stuff that you want to read, watch and hear.

For $10 per month, you'll receive:

  • Access to exclusive daily and weekly blog posts, as well as all current Medium posts
  • Access to a weekly live session/Q&A chat with Jon Westenberg
  • Access to the exclusive weekly podcast, "Radical Creativity"
  • Access to the Creatomic Masterminds slack channe
  • (eternally) Ad-free content